About the Author

Digital Logic RTL & Verilog Interview Questions

   Trey Johnson has been designing digital logic circuits and writing RTL code in both Verilog and VHDL languages for almost twenty years.

   In the late 1990's, Johnson designed and developed some of the first multimedia hardware components used inside early smartphones, with his primary design focus in video and graphical subsystems, LCD and camera subsystems, and 2D hardware accelerators.  He has worked closely and designed hardware components for both ARM and DSP processors and cache subsystems.  He also has experience designing I/O periperals such as resistive touch screen displays, magnetic card readers, PCI Express controllers and SerDes subsystems, and memory controllers.

   Johnson has been granted seven United States Patents for his digital design solutions.  He is the founder of VerilogCode.com which is a website dedicated to sharing information about Verilog and RTL design.

  Trey Johnson is also the author of Winning Chess Tricks, Traps, and Gambits!  Sold on Amazon.